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Saudi Technology Lube Oil Plant

Subsidiary of Hamad Al Sagri Holdings - (HsH)

The Saudi Technology Lube Oil Plant is a Petro Refinery owned by Ms.Hamad Al Sagri Holdings- (HsH) a long established Business Group in the beginning of year 1974 , based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The STLOP - The state-of-the-art refinery and its sub-industries will mark the beginning of environmental friendly petrochemical and BO processing in the region.- with a capacity of 40,000MT/Year

The STLOP  – The New Lube & Grease Blending Unit is under construction with the Technology obtained from L&L-France (www.Leroux & Lotz.com) scheduled to commission by mid of October 2018 at Al Kharj Ind Area in Riyadh - LMU 30,000MT and GMU 7000MT/Year.

The STLOP products are Refined & Blended to meet specifications set forth by internationally recognized institutions to ensure superior quality consistently.

The STLOP – Has established Tie-up with Lubref – BAPCO, GS Global and Sk for Base Oil Supplies . Lubrizol, Chevron Ornite, Afton Chemicals for Additives.

The STLOP is in the Process of achieving ISO 9001, 14001 &18001 certified wherein the primary concern is "Quality Management" system, fulfill customer's quality and regulatory requirements, and ensures all the stake Holders satisfaction on every action.

The STLOP has its own laboratory with well-equipped testing facilities and Technical Team to provide full range of services to clients such as R&D, Oil Analysis, Technical Support Services Etc.

The STLOP Prioritize to Deliver quality products well on time, at competitive prices to make sure our partnership with valuable clients remain strong for the mutual benefits in the long Run.

The STLOP Quality Products include:

  1. Base Oils-  SN 150, SN 350
  2. Automotive/Industrial & Marine Lubricants/Greases & Specialties.
  3. Gasoil
  4. Residues
  5. Asphalt Modifier. 

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